kombucha bend oregon
kombucha bend oregon

About Bucha Buena Kombucha in Bend Oregon



Bucha Buena was born in Brooke Moore’s kitchen, where she brewed small batches of kombucha for her family and friends. The name Bucha Buena was born when Brooke’s boys had a hard time pronouncing kombucha, so they shortened the name - ‘Bucha’. And of course, ‘buena’ is Spanish for ‘good’. Friends and family agreed that Brooke’s brew was some ‘good ‘bucha’.


When Brooke’s ‘bucha batches outgrew her kitchen, she recruited local brewer Brit Nelson to go big picture with Bucha Buena. Brit has brewed some of Oregon's finest beers since 1993. His foray into kombucha marks exciting new territory. With Brit’s experience brewing beer, Bucha Buena is now entering the creative world of all sorts of [alcoholic] fermented beverages. Stay tuned for some exciting new fermentation creations.


Bucha Buena’s fresh take on flavors and pairings hit a sweet spot, and mixing flavors or adding your favorite spirit of choice is highly encouraged. Bucha Buena's base of operations was designed and built by Brit and Brooke. And while the brewery is not open to the public, Bucha Buena kombucha is featured on dozens of taps in and around Bend, Oregon and has a booth at all of Bend's booming Farmer's Markets.

What are you waiting for? Go get some Bucha Buena and start living the #chuglife!